Battery Energy Storage Systems

November 8, 2021
Revised Decommissioning Plan

September 2021
Amp Solar Group Images of Battery Energy Storage Images

December 2020
NYSERDA Battery Energy Storage System Guidebook for Local Governments

July 28, 2020
Four Firefighters Injured In Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System Explosion – Arizona

July 2020
U.S. Energy Information Administration Battery Storage in the United States: An Update on Market Trends

May 2020
Retail Energy Storage Incentive Program Program Manual

January 2020
NYSERDA Bulk Energy Storage Incentive Program

October 29, 2019
NYSERDA Incentive Award for 11,780-MWh of battery storage

NYSERDA Retail Energy Storage Incentive Program Participation Agreement

September 2018
KCE NY 1 in Stillwater, New York Estimated Decommissioning Cost

Questions to ask your Town Board