Backlash after Chippenham 200-acre solar farm approved Published

“Residents say they are angry and disappointed following the approval of a new solar farm.

The controversial 200-acre solar farm near Forest Gate in Wiltshire was given planning permission on 2 March, sparking a backlash on social media.

The scheme will cover fields on the A4 southeast of Chippenham.

Developer Eden Renewables said the farm would produce enough electricity for almost 14,000 homes and would save some 20,000 tonnes of C02 a year.

On a Facebook campaign page against the farm one person commented: “Very disappointing that the application has been agreed by a narrow margin. Well done to everyone for their efforts.

“Very poor show from the wider village. I guess they must all be in favour.”

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Holden, Jude. BBC 9 March 2023.